Pastoral Staff


Russell Evenson

Senior Pastor
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Russell & Sylvia Evenson believe strongly in prayer, revival and the presence of God being restored to the Body of Christ. Their passion is to bring the power and presence of God back to this last day generation. As the Senior Pastors, they have a vision to fulfill Jesus’ mandate that His house would be known as and called a “House of Prayer for All Nations.” (Matt. 21:13) Once the Body of Christ is revived, new compassion for the lost will be restored.

Favorite place to be on earth - In the Glory of God! 

Favorite pastimes - We enjoy traveling abroad to minister the gospel and starting Bible Schools.

Pastor Russell and Sylvia lead prayer seminars in the local church, city, national and international setting. Their teaching seminars are not only revival oriented but focus on activating the gifts of the Spirit to motivate miracles, signs, and wonders through the life of the believer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Seminar Topics include:

  • Setting up Prayer in the Local Church: Prayer Teams for Pastors & Ministries, Intercessory Prayer Groups – providing prayer coverage for individuals and families, Establishing a Prayer Room, Neighborhood Prayer Walking Teams.
  • Strategic Intercession: Targeted intercession that brings God’s purpose for the local church, city, nation(s) and the world, The Role of fasting with Prayer.
  • Prophetic Intercession: Hearing what is on the Father’s heart and proclamations to bring it to pass.
  • Worship/Prayer Strategies: How to enter into God’s presence to bring revival & spiritual breakthrough, understanding the value of corporate prayer – praying with other believers in your city, county and region to bring “open heavens”.
  • Local Church Prayer Consultation: Learning what the spiritual history of a local congregation is - how this helps or hinders from fulfilling God’s purpose in their community.


Bob Collins

October 21, 1934 - August 28, 2017


Pastor Bob Collins is the founding senior pastor of World Outreach Worship Center (formerly known as Denbigh Church of God). He and his wife, Dorothy, along with 6 couples and their children, began this ministry on the first Sunday of January, 1974 (January 6, 1974). Bob and Dot were married on April 18, 1953, and had two sons, Richard (wife-Nancy) and Donald (wife-Kim). Dot went home to be with the Lord on March 23, 2007. Pastor Collins also has six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He and Dot co-founded Denbigh Christian Academy. Denbigh Christian Academy is a pre-school through the 8th grade with a record attendance of 450 students.
Pastor Collins holds a B.A. in Pastoral Theology and is a Master's Degree candidate. He has served on several different boards and committees within his denomination including state youth and Christian education, evangelism and home missions, the state council of the Church of God of VA, Chairperson of the Eastern VA Ministerial Examining Board, member of the Pastoral Advisory Committee for the Church of God School of Theology in Cleveland, TN, and the Ministry to Israel Board.

He last served on the World Missions Board for the denomination as well as the Board of Hope Charitable Ministry in Portsmouth, VA, and the Board of the International Center for Spiritual Renewal, Cleveland, TN. 
He and his wife, Dorothy, were privileged to travel extensively throughout the world sharing the wonderful truths of God's love to many nations. He has a passion to reach the multitudes. The local congregation is multi-cultural with approximately 50% ethnic mixture in attendance. The church reaches out to the Hispanic community through their Hispanic pastor and congregation also to the Jewish community through Zion's Sake with a Shabbat service each Friday night.  Lastly we reach out to the Korean community through Love & Light Congregation with it's Thursday and Sunday Services. 


Norman Rush Jr.

Administrative Pastor
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Norman Ruch

Norman Rush, Jr. is the Administrative Pastor of World Outreach Worship Center and the Administrator of Denbigh Christian Academy - an outreach ministry of WOWC. He has served as the principal and administrator of Denbigh Christian Academy since January, 1988, and as administrative pastor since January, 2012. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Becky, since 1980. They have two sons, Trae (wife-Brooke) and Ryan, and two beautiful grandchildren, Noah and Emma.

Pastor Rush holds a B.S. in Christian Education, a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Learning. His passion is to serve the Lord by serving others through his administrative gifts and abilities, and by teaching the Word of God so that others will be able to grow and mature in Christ Jesus!

He loves to spend time with his family—especially his grandchildren.

His favorite place to be is on the beach.

Favorite pastimes include reading history, adventure, and mystery novels, as well as fishing and hiking in the mountains.


Larry Queen

Worship Pastor
Phone: 757-874-1223
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Larry Queen

Larry Queen is the worship pastor at World Outreach Worship Center. He has been the worship pastor here at WOW Center since 2002 and has been leading worship for almost 20 years.  He has a passion to help people worship the Lord and to experience the presence of God.
Larry has been happily married to his beautiful wife Carol since 1987. He has two wonderful teenage boys, Larry III and Rome.
He loves spending time with his family. His favorites pastimes include going to amusement parks and the beach, riding jet skis, and hiking in the mountains. He loves reading the book of Psalms, writing new worship songs and teaching piano.


Robert "JR" Gurley

Young Adult Pastor
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Rober Gurley

Pastor JR Gurley, the youngest of 5 children, began ministry at the age of 13. He has traveled across the United States and abroad ministering to the body of Christ. His message aimed at his generation and the Church at large is to simply "Rise up and take your place in the Kingdom!"
In July, 1999, Pastor JR was miraculously healed from serious life-threatening injuries he sustained when a drunk driver fatally struck another vehicle carrying him and his 2 closest friends. He was the only survivor.
Pastor JR has been on staff at the WOW Center since 2001 as an Associate Youth Pastor and has served as Young Adult Pastor since 2004. For the last 5 years Pastor JR's primary ministry drive has been intense discipleship. He believes in making disciples who make disciples.
When he is not at work he can usually be found immersed in one of his hobbies (usually hunting) , or hidden away in one of his favorite books.
Random Fact: Pastor JR learned to play chess from a national chess champion.


Margie Otero

Teens Youth Pastor
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Margie Otero

Hi! My name is Margie Otero and I’m honored to be the Youth Pastor here at WOW Center. My family has been part of WOWC for 23 years!
I was born in Bronx, New York and was raised in Brooklyn. Needless to say, I am a die-hard Yankees fan. We eventually moved to Florida where I met the love of my life and got married in 1983. I have been married 26 years to my wonderful husband named Angel. He is so wonderful that I named my three sons after him! So we have four Angels in our family!
I enjoy spending time with my family, our teens & youth leaders.


Greg Davidson

Children's Ministry Pastor
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Greg Davidson

Hi! My name is Greg Davidson and I have been married to my beautiful wife, Esther since 1997. We met when we were sixteen and have been best friends ever since! We are happy to be a part of an awesome ministry team here at WOW Center. Esther and I are the proud parents of 3 beautiful children - Isaac, Jaley and Maggie. We love being parents and we love being a part of the lives of the hundreds of WOW kids that flow through our doors every week!
Favorite pastimes: Spending time with our family, biking, camping, hiking, going to the beach, and spending time in the mountains where we grew up.
Favorite Foods: Esther – Salmon Greg – Steak & almost anything on the grill.


Elba Vazquez

hispanic Ministry Pastor
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Elba Vazquez

Pastor Elba Vazquez was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico. She studied at he University of Puerto Rico and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in economics. She continued her studies at InterAmericana University where she obtained a PHD in law and became a lawyer. Later, after becoming a Christian, God called her into ministry to became an advocate of the faith.
Elba has been married since 1972 to her husband, Luis, who served and retired from the United States Army and now works as a civilian at the Naval base in VA. They have 4 children Yuisa, Luis, Leyda and Josue. Yuisa works in Real Estate; Luis is active in the Navy; Leyda and Josue graduated from College and are currently working with her in the Hispanic ministry.
She has been a full time pastor for World Outreach Worship Center since 1998 and has preached in many other churches.
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite foods: Puerto Rican and Italian


Jeffrey South

Media Director
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Jeffrey South

Hey Dudes! We are Jeffrey and Becki South. Jeff is a retired Navy Submariner (22 yrs.). If you’ve seen The Hunt for Red October and you remember Jonesy, the Sonar Dude - that’s what Jeff did. Becki (the Admiral) married Jeff, out of pity (LOL), when he was in his 3rd year of Naval service and is a card carrying member of the elite, yet unofficial, "Military Spouses" club. She also happens to be the editor and producer of WOW Center's "Reaching The Harvest" radio and TV program.

We are not the permissive types, yet we know our role is to love people, share Yeshua's salvation story, then let the Holy Spirit do the rest. "Work out your own salvation..." Phil. 2:12 We have been WOW Center members since ’92 largely because this congregation loves people no matter what. What better representation of Christ can there be?!? 
Favorite books: Jeff: "True Spirituality" by Francis Schaffer and "Rogue Warrior" by Richard Marcinko. Becki: A tie between "Little Women" and "The Grapes of Wrath".