Chaplaincy is an outreach ministry very similar to evangelism, except that we minister to the physical, emotional and mental needs of a person before the spiritual.   Chaplaincy is a method for ministry in places like shopping centers, parks, schools and many more. 

Our training program offers:

  1. Training for lay leadership in order to increase tools and offer assistance to the pastoral staff.
  2. Hospital and sick/shut-in visitations
  3. Training for disaster and crisis situations where chaplains are crucial as counselors and critical incident stress de-briefing teams.
  4. Training for pastors to aid them in their roles and gain a greater understanding of how a chaplaincy program can benefit their church, congregation, leadership and community.
  5. Use as a track of leadership development from within the body.
  6. A great missionary training tool in other areas for pastors and leaders that get little opportunity for ministry training.

We offer Chaplaincy as an inter-denominational course that is open to all denominations.  

For more information contact:  Jack Smith  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.