Evangelism Breakthrough







What is Evangelism Breakthrough?

Our church has a burden for those lost and outside the body of Christ.

In accordance with this burden, we have an on-going evangelism program called "Evangelism Breakthrough - Phase I" that is taught twice a year. This is an opportunity, in a training environment, to learn how to really share your faith with someone else.

The "Evangelism Explosion" method of Dr. D. James Kennedy forms the basis of this training. This training is for the serious student who wants to know Jesus better and learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. It is one of the steps of discipleship that this WOWC uses.

Additionally, we offer a follow-on course "Evangelism Breakthrough - Phase II" in which the student learns how to witness to those caught up in the cults.

For more information on class schedule go to the Calendar page.