Intercessory Prayer

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"My house shall be called a house of prayer." Matt. 21:13 (NKJV) 



What is Prayer?

Prayer is communicating with God. More than just "talking to God," prayer involves our friendship with Him, and like with any friend, sometimes we talk, sometimes we listen, and sometimes we just enjoy each other's company!

Why is Prayer Important?

All Biblical ministry is based on prayer and fasting, which will bring a knowledge of God's will and the empowerment to fulfill His purposes on the earth. Sustained, fervent, unified prayer will increase a passion to reach the harvest on the peninsula by promoting the unity and involvement of the Body of Christ on the congregational and city level.

Building a "House of Prayer":

Church A is a church that hardly recognizes the importance of prayer to its ministry. It gives lip service by opening meetings in prayer and holding special prayer meetings from time to time for important issues. There may even be a few people praying for the church and its ministries, but they are not specifically given requests and are not recognized as a ministry of the church.

Church B recognizes that prayer is important. It wants to see needs prayed for and wants to provide dedicated intercessors with a place to plug in. It recognizes prayer as a ministry of the church, much like youth or music. People who have an inner burden for prayer are involved, but not many others.

Church C believes that nothing lasting will happen apart from prayer. It believes that prayer needs to permeate every ministry of the church. Every ministry must be prayed for, and prayer must be a significant part of each ministry. Virtually everyone in the church gets involved in prayer.

(Reprinted with permission of Cheryl Sacks - 2002)

Core Values for Building a House of Prayer:

We believe that persistent prayer will bring the knowledge of God's will and an empowerment to fulfill His will. "...the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much." James 5:16 (NKJV)
We believe that prayer will change us both individually and corporately as the Body of Christ; which will cause His presence to affect those around us.

Statement of Purpose:

  • To provide prayer coverage for individuals, families, the local church, nation(s), and our world
  • To provide prayer coverage for ministers and ministry leaders of the local church and beyond
  • To provide training in the models/types of prayer so that every one may find their ministry of prayer in order to fulfill the Great Commission

What Prayer Opportunities are Offered at WOWC?

We are in the training/recruiting stage of developing prayer teams to cover 24 hour periods of prayer for the peninsula. We are working in unity with other churches on the peninsula hosting all night "Prayer Vigils" praying for those without the knowledge of Christ, covering and protecting our ministry leadership, and unity to come to the Body of Christ. We are developing our local "Prayer Room" to inform intercessors about the prayer concerns on a congregational, community, city, state, national, and international level by posting information and requests at "Prayer Stations." Here are the many available opportunities to participate in prayer ministries at World Outreach Worship Center.


Prayer Opportunities

24/7 House of Prayer / Strategic prayer around the clock
Please contact us for more information

City Intercessors / Prayer for our city's spiritual leaders
3rd Thursday of each month at Mosaic Community Church

Prayer Time / Open to everyone
Every Tuesday @ 6:00 AM

Ladies Prayer/Bible Study
Women's prayer group
Every Tuesday @ 8:30 AM

Lighthouses of prayer / Homes in the community designated places of prayer
Please contact us for more information

Moms In Touch / Women's prayer group for our children and our schools
Please contact us for more information

National Day of Prayer
Prayer for our nation and its leaders
First Thursday in May

Neighborhood Prayer-Walking / Prayer through our local neighborhoods
Every Monday - Please contact us for times

Prayer Chain / Prayer for crisis and emergency situations
Please contact us for more information

Pre-Service Prayer / Prayer for our weekly services
Every Sunday @ 7:30 a.m. and Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.

Website Prayer Request / Submit your prayer request to us online
Click here to submit your prayer request

Weekly Prayer and Fasting / Prayer for the ministries and leaders of our church
Every Tuesday

Zion's Sake Prayer
Prayer for our weekly Shabbat services
Every Friday @ 6:00 PM


Future Activities

We want to provide further training and awareness for those interested in prayer by offering workshops and seminars taught by ministries including the following: Global Harvest Ministries, The United Prayer Track of the AD 2000 & Beyond Movement, and other Prayer/Intercession ministries.


Specialized prayer teams are on our agenda to develop such as 'Prayer Walking,' 'Lighthouses of Prayer,' 'Watches of the Lord,' and 'Healing and Deliverance Teams.'

For more information contact:
Pastor Russell Evenson
WOW Center Senior Pastor
Office: 757-874-1223
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.