Join us for 3 days with Joe McGee Ministries as we focus on Marriage & Family. 


    "If people don’t have the hope that is found through the knowledge of God’s Word they won’t get the message of building a marriage, family and life.  There is a great need for this message that focuses on strengthening marriages and families. When you can get the foundation based on God’s Word in a marriage, the family grows stronger as a whole."  

    Rev Joe McGee

    February 14th - 16th 2020

    This Event is Free!

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    Friday, February 14th 7 P.M. at 525 Industrial Park Dr. Newport News, VA 23608

    Saturday, February 15th 9 A.M. 1233 Shields Rd. Newport News, VA 23608

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    You Don’t Have to Go

    Through Life Alone

    Complicated seasons are a part of life. Some of us come out as conquerors and some of us come out conquered. We don’t have to be trampled by life. We can live life on purpose with clear direction and vision that comes straight from the Word of God.