Stay awake, stand firm in your faith, be brave, be strong. (CEB) 1 Cor 16:13

Join us at 9:00 a.m. Sunday in Room 204

If you are new to the Christian faith or need a more solid foundation in the principles of what and why you believe, this class is for you.  We have also included "The Blessed Life" series.                                                                                                                

Topics include:  

1. What we Believe & Why

2. Understanding the Bible

3. Building a Strong Prayer Life

4. Blessings of Tithing

Our culture is saturated with false teaching on what it means to be blessed, but what does the Bible say about it?  How can we truly live blessed lives?  In this series based on Pastor Robert Morris's bestselling book, The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living, You'll be encouraged and challenged to change the way you think about generosity and living a full, blessed life.

This class will enlighten and challenge you.  It will enlighten you to God's plan for your life as an individual and as a part of the church.  It will also help you find the fulfillment of close friendships and meaningful participation with other church members.

We will utilize the Complete Life Class Student Workbook by, Marc Estes and Roger Funk.

Some of the exciting areas you will learn about in the dynamic class are:

  • How to know for sure you are a Christian
  • Keys to a strong prayer life and better bible understanding
  • Understanding the basic Christian faith
  • How to share your faith with those you know
  • Gaining the ability to live a Christian Life
  • Know more about the goals and direction of your church
  • Finding out who God has made you, and discovering your spiritual gifts.

You will also have the opportunity to: 

  • Make new friends
  • Find a place of fulfillment in a ministry that fits you
  • Meet many of the church leaders on a personal level
  • Find a small group that meets your needs

For more information Contact

Bill & Sandy Adams at 757-344-3248