Young Adults Career Age (ages 18 and up) – Pastor JR Gurley- Denbigh Christian Academy (Gym)


Youth (ages 13-17 yrs.)  - Pastor Josue Vazquez, Youth Pastor - Room 207



Children (ages 0-12 yrs.):


Nursery (ages 0-2) – Room 107

Preschool (ages 3-4) – WowKids #3 (WK#3)


Grades K-1 – WowKids #2 (WK#2)


Grades 2-3 – WowKids #5 (WK#5)


Grades 4-5 – WowKids #4 (WK#4)


Grades 6-8 – WowKids #6 (WK#6)

Norman Rush Jr. – Room 111-112

A comprehensive, ongoing study of the Bible.  Lessons are presented as part of a quarterly series with unit themes.  Weekly lessons are Bible based, life related and Pentecostal/Evangelical in emphasis.


Sylvia Evenson – Room 110

DVD-based studies on Faith, Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Finances and other subjects throughout the year.


John Lamar – Room 116 (Conference Room)

Lessons in a discussion format on Discipleship, development of personal faith and other varying topics.


Alfred Webb - “Today’s Christian Marriage” – Room 118 (Fellowship Hall)

The class offers lessons on marriage topics dealing with husband/wife, parent/child relationships and how to better your home by nurturing your family.


Bill & Sandy Adams – “Firm Foundations” – Room 204 (Upstairs)

Designed for new believers to the Christian faith & those who never received a foundation of the Christian life.  The lessons take a person through important aspects of successfully living the Christian life.


Dyan & Robert Gurley - "Biblical Family Foundations"  - Room 208 (Upstairs)

This class is for couples (age 20-45) with kids (infant-12 years).