WOW Youth is the student ministry at WOW Center. We exist to Connect, Restore, and Empower High School/Middle School students. Our motto here is "Keep It 90" This means that we are to first, Love God, and second, show God's Love to Others.

(Mark 12:29-31)

Ministry Overview

WOW Youth meets every Wednesday in Fellowship Hall.

Open to Middle School and High School Students.

Doors Open: 6:30pm

Service Starts: 7:00pm

Upper 90

Every first Wednesday of the month

Upper 90 is a night devoted to diving deep into worship and God’s Word!

Squad Night

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month

On Squad Nights, our guys and girls break into small groups and explore the Word of God!


Every third Wednesday of the month

“HUH? Q&A” Night is a time devoted to answering questions given by our youth! Our questions range from topics on theology, relationships, biblical worldviews, and more!

Squad Wars

Every fifth Wednesday of the month

Every fifth Wednesday of the month we have a time of friendly competition! Our small groups (squads) break up and compete for the Squad War Trophy!

Social Media

WOW Youth regularly posts devotions and message recaps on our social media platforms to connect with our students and reach those outside of our walls. Be sure to follow us to see more!



Contact Info:

Josue Vazquez

Youth Pastor


Office: 757-874-1223