Take a stand against child sex trafficking


Dear WOW Church congregation; if you haven't already, please see the newly released movie "The Sound of Freedom" then respond to this message below to our VA State Senators and Gov. Youngkin to do all they can to ban sex trafficking.

Please take action.

Russell Evenson, Lead Pastor

WOW Church

Message from Intercessors For America:

Have you seen the film Sound of Freedom? Across the nation, people are watching this new movie with tears in their eyes and a pit in their stomach after learning the widespread and evil depths of child sex trafficking in our nation. 

We are not powerless.


Speak up about the evil of child sex trafficking. Appeal to your leaders to take action against these kinds of crimes that are so embedded into our nation's underbelly.

Send a message by clicking below--but don't forget this part of the action--PRAY.

Pray for conviction for leaders to legislate for the protection of children, and not for the convenience of offenders.




Take time also to pray for Tim Ballard and his rescue organization, Operation Underground Railroad. This important topic will be the focus of Headline Prayer Live on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 12:15 p.m. ET. Find out more at IFApray.org/watch.

Share this link and invite others you know to speak up against child sex trafficking in our nation: https://www.votervoice.net/IFAPRAY/Campaigns/106548/Respond


Thank you for being part of the solution!



Dave Kubal, President/ CEO

Intercessors For America