Intercessors for America

David Kubal

CEO, President

Dave Kubal has been president and CEO of IFA since 2009. As a nationally recognized faith leader, Dave serves on the National Faith Advisory Board and the National Day of Prayer Task Force. He is also frequently featured in national news outlets such as Victory Channel, CBN, The Stream, and Fox News. A graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and ordained in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Dave has a deep grasp of the spiritual underpinnings of the nation’s issues. Throughout 40 years in ministry, including as a Vice President with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Dave has excelled in building relationships that exponentially impact the Kingdom. At IFA, Dave has emphasized the tremendous value of the intercessor to God’s plans and purposes, as well as the need to connect each intercessor to the unfolding news, which is in fact history in the making. Dave has published four books: Inspired PrayersInspired PeopleInspired Stories; and Fasting.

How to Pray for a nation in turmoil

“It just makes my blood boil.”

These are the words I heard coming out of my own mouth at a prayer event—in front of a bunch of people—when I described the latest political “breaking news.” I can’t remember if I had ever used that phrase before, but something hit me as the last syllable left my mouth. I think it was the Holy Spirit.

I began to ask myself questions. Why are you so mad? Who are you so mad at? Are you supposed to be mad? My first thought was that I am absolutely supposed to be mad. After all, the Bible talks about “righteous anger,” and God gets angry: “God is a just judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day” (Ps. 7:11, nkjv). I am demonstrating a character of God by being mad at the evildoers, right?

I momentarily felt a little godlier. This should have been my first clue something wasn’t right. The Holy Spirit quickly brought to my attention Colossians 3:8: “Now you must also rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice. . . .”

The Spirit reminded me that anger is reserved for God.

Leave Anger to God

So, it appears God reserves the right to judge and be angry at the wicked, and we are to get rid of anger toward them. Initially, this conclusion seemed wrong because I wanted to be furious with people who are doing terrible things in our nation.

Then, I believe, the Lord spoke to my heart, saying, “Dave, I will be the Judge. Leave the anger to Me. These people are lost and deceived. Do you remember when you were lost and deceived? These people on the news shows who are constantly lying and showing their anger toward righteousness were created by Me, and I have godly plans and purposes for them in My heart.”

To be honest, I shouted back, “But do You know how terrible these people are?” Even as I type these words, I am laughing at myself.

Holding onto anger against someone for their unrighteous acts gets us nowhere. It just makes us bitter. Bitterness has been defined as swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. God doesn’t want our lives filled with the poison of anger and bitterness.

Today’s anger and bitterness have been fueled by “identity politics,” political strategies to divide people into groups, such as evangelicals or liberals or white or black or brown or gay or straight. This is a well-known political strategy championed by Saul Alinksy in Rules for Radicals.

After causing division, each group tries to convince people that the other groups are against them. Angry spokespeople then go to news stations, polling booths, and courts to fight for their “rights.” The result is a divided nation full of people who speak of tolerance, but are, in reality, intolerant and angry.