Use Your Voice!

Your voice is needed now to protect parental rights and children's safety rights! Gov. Youngkin’s education department rewrote the transgender-issue policies --that have been used to cut parents out of the process--in a way that restores basic parental and student-safety rights. And now, activists who oppose parental rights are flooding the comment center with protests against the new guidelines—in an effort to thwart their implementation. At last count, over 17,000 comments had been received, mostly from opponents of parental-rights. Plus, a Fairfax-based activist group mobilized students across the Commonwealth to leave their classrooms in protest of Governor Youngkin’s proposed, updated model policies. Don't wait--submit your comments now! It’s crucial for the voices of as many Virginia parents and concerned citizens as possible to be represented. Spread the word; share this email--and get started commenting now!

How to submit comments for proposed new transgender policy

The website to submit comments to the new proposed transgender policy protecting parents rights went live September 26th.  Comments will be accepted for 30 days.  The policy’s proposed effective date is October 27.   I’m sure there will be many opposing the policy so it would be good to submit comments in support of the policy. Here is the link to the page to submit comments.

Please feel free to forward this page to your email lists.